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UNICORN -Complete Data Management

All your data in one place

UNICORN provides a stable and standardised approach to all your data needs. Creating an organisation data memory, independent of individual data authors.

UNICORN effortlessly links your data for greater value, facilitating both powerful collaboration and efficient dissemination and analysis.

To discuss how UNICORN might help your organisation, call us or email.

Data Quality

Used by industry and Government, UNICORN provides a quality benchmark. The backbone of which is access to the best data standards and latest global taxonomic information (via WoRMS).

Data visualisation

No need to manipulate your data before you can see it. Easy data mining and in built GIS, means that visualisation of your data is efficient and instantaneous.

Data Flexibility

Why not start recording your data into a safe repository whilst on survey, increasing efficiency and preventing any loss of information? UNICORN can be used remotely, even whilst on the boat.